Healthy Thanksgiving Habits to Start this Year

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Think back to your favorite Thanksgiving memories. Maybe you remember old family stories being shared around the table or playing games with people you love. Perhaps you enjoy watching the parade or participating in specific family traditions.

While Thanksgiving is a holiday known for big feasts on overeating, that’s rarely what sticks with us and it’s not what the holiday is truly about. When you think about all the Thanksgiving celebrations you have enjoyed, you’ll likely find that the joy comes from the people around the table, not the food on it.

If you’re dreading Thanksgiving because you’re worried about all the tempting food, rest assured, you can still have a memorable, guilt-free holiday without getting off your program.

Remove Food Temptations

While the kitchen is often the heart of the home, it does not need to be the center of your Thanksgiving celebration. However, if you stay in the kitchen surrounded by food, you might either find yourself in one of two situations: nibbling away without thinking of your health or obsessing over what you can’t have. Neither of these situations promotes the healthy balance and comfort you deserve on Thanksgiving.

Break the cycle by going elsewhere in the home or outside. Think of some fun ways to engage, like striking up a conversation to keep yourself occupied.

Find Creative Ways to Make Memories

Break the association between unhealthy food and family memories. You don’t have to indulge in pie to bond with your family. Instead, suggest other ways to create a fun holiday. You could try:

  • Setting up a touch football or family soccer game
  • Playing “Minute to Win It” style games
  • Family-friendly board and card games
  • Making autumn or Christmas-themed crafts

The activity can be anything that you and your relatives enjoy together. The goal is to have fun, laugh, and create memories without unhealthy foods involved. Doing this creates a healthy atmosphere not only for you, but also for your loved ones.

Enjoy Health-Promoting Foods

While Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be exclusively about food, the big meal will eventually come. So, how can you stay on track with such a feast in front of you? Load up on foods that fit your lifestyle, which makes it easier to skip those that don’t.

For example, turkey can be an excellent source of protein. Moderate servings of healthy vegetables may also fit your program. Filling up on these healthy choices will make it easier to pass on the rolls and stuffing.

If you have a keto-friendly recipe that you love, be sure to bring it and pass it around the table too. As you enjoy your Thanksgiving meal, be sure to bring your thoughts back to the people around you and what you’re thankful for. This will help you eat mindfully and keep the food as just a backdrop to all the festivities.

If you’re not sure what to eat at your Thanksgiving celebration, be sure to ask your Lindora team. We can help you enjoy the holiday season without getting off track.

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